The Cross – Kay Tse

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Lyrics / translation:

很久的當年 – A long time ago

媽媽天天囑告 – mother used to say

好心交給人 總可得到好報 – you’ll get good returns if you do good to others

過去按這教導埋頭做 – I followed her advice

可惜隨年長一步 傷口隨年多一道 – However, for every passing year, the wound becomes deeper

伸出手攙扶 – Stretching out my hand of help

遭鬆開手警告 – Yet my grip loosens at every warning

交出心戀愛 – Giving my heart out to love

反得傷心的控訴 – I received a hurting accusation

嫌棄我過份熱情流露 – that I have expressed my feelings too openly

或是仁慈得恐怖 – or was being excessively kind

燙手愛意怕碰到 – My hands of love were burnt. I’m now scared to touch

彷彿背上十字架 – It’s like carrying a cross on my back

捨我救贖未算好 – And yet, it’s like I’ve not done enough to save myself

越奉獻得到結局越殘酷 – The more I tried , the worse it became

教我為免傷勢再會變更糟 – So I was taught that to make the wounds “less worse”

圍牆變更高 – The walls around me have to be higher

圍住了自己的去路 – (Although) The walls block my way

防護罩終變成墳墓 – And this protection finally becomes my grave

將根本的我葬下去獨自老 – Burying the real me, alone till I grow old

多想光陰退後到舊時 童年重渡 – How I hope I could relive my childhood days

多斬釘截鐵共處態度 – (I don’t know how to translate this)

我對你好所以你會對我好 – You’ll treat me well if I treat you well

心裡沒旁騖 – There’s no other side agenda in our hearts

無奈這幸福的國度 – However, this happy scenario

已飽經災劫無寸草 – Has been destroyed until nothing is left

今天只得我野地裡在獨舞 – Today, it’s only me dancing alone in the wild

要怎麼的上路 期望一天我能知道 – How should I carry on living? Hopefully one day, I will know.

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