Alone in the office now.
Haven’t been out with friends
Or seen anyone other than my family
And Coworkers
Since last Saturday

I saw her a few Sundays ago
Or rather saw only
The top and the back of her head
She was wearing
A top with psychedelic colours

I haven’t messaged her
Since last week
She isn’t free to meet
Until after the Chinese New Year
Can I say I don’t miss her (company)?

I think about the Christmas Eve
Dinner with an old friend
A repeat of the dinner
On the same day
Years ago, so long
That we no longer know
When that happened.

‘Twas a pleasant night
(Relatively) good food
Reminiscing about the good bits
People we met and
People we may never meet again

Max Brenner
Haven’t been there for ages
Never fancied the sochao thingy
Always fondue
Always only milk chocolate (cos it’s white!)

Only a loser
Will admit once again
That he’s never been in love
And being loved
But I did

At 33 (some say 34)
I’m too old
And can’t be bothered
To say it just to
Solicit sympathy (or a few gasps)

She may be someone
Whom it may never happen
Although I think
Psychedelic colours are cool
And so is visiting art galleries

Relationships carried over
From my youth
Are now fractured
And will probably become dissipated

Gee, I’m trying to make
Everything rhyme
But I don’t think I’ll bother
Never was a poet
And probably never will be

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