What a difference a year makes

It’s funny to have someone thinking about you. 
It’s funny to get this strangely wistful feeling when reading about events for singles.
It’s funny to spy with a little eye the stalks of roses hanging on the window grille of her room.
It’s funny to feel that ring on her finger when you hold her hand firmly.
It’s funny to take we-fies every time when we’re visiting a picturesque location.
It’s funny when I consider how we’ll be changing our statuses in a few months.
It’s funny to think that we’ll share the same roof — our roof — soon.
It’s funny to have loved, quarelled, argued, reconciled and then love again.
It’s funny to have heard her say “You watched Frozen with another woman” with a hint of jealousy in the tone of her voice [1]. 
It’s funny to share a laugh and be laughed at.
It’s funny to love and be loved.
[1] Maybe it’s the way she said it too.

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