Book project: Day of reckoning (Part 1)

The day of reckoning will be tomorrow when I will be meeting the editor.

For the greater part of the past one month (roughly the time the editor had requested to work on the manuscript), I was busy celebrating Christmas and New Year quietly by myself (in actual fact, I was busy trying to feed my addiction of a particular football management game – which led to dark-eye rings the size of Antarctica ).

However, as the date (or rather my date) with the editor drew nearer, butterflies flew in my stomach and numerous scenarios (mostly negative) played in my head. One oft-repeated scene was being thrown the manuscript (all 100 pages of them) in my face together with the smart, smirk and sneer from her face before the death knell of “you’re a clown if you think you want to print this shit” sounded.

Now, the conversation I had with her over the phone an hour ago (when we agreed on a time and place to meet) could have assured me that it’s not likely that the abovementioned scenario would be played out for real.

Editor: … which shouldn’t take a long time.

Me: Oh. So I’d imagine there’s nothing really substantial for us to plough through.

Editor: Like I said, as long as you take my word for it – in terms of the grammar, it shouldn’t take a long time.

Taking it at face value, it would sound like I was being dramatic with my scenarios.

However, as I don’t take things at face value, I started to wonder how long could that abovementioned, oft-repeated scenario (I mean how long does one take to sneer anyway?) take? Or she could be pulling the wool over my eyes since I’m her client and at the end of the day, I’ll be the one throwing money into this loss-making investment (monetary wise).

Editor: Ahh… your stories hor… all very good lah (you’re an idiot)

Me: Oh really?

Editor: Yes. It’s the best short stories I’ve read since [insert name of famous, cheongsam-clad local writer who has “Lim” as her surname]. (Really. You’re an idiot.)

Me: Wah.

Editor: (flutters eyebrows) Excuse me, but can I have your autograph please? (Idiot, please sign on this document to absolve me from an indemnity as a result of your stupid decision to publish this piece of crap.)

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I’m meeting the editor tomorrow.

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