Outside looking in…

I smiled when reading a thread in a discussion forum where people could post words from their heart which they find it hard to express to their significant other.


Some of them were heart-wrenching. Some could induce a silly smile. Some were totally naughty.


Yet at the end of the day, they were all far and distant from me. And I realised that I could only relate to them because all around me, the media speaks of love, romance and relationships – in songs, in conversations, in advertisements, in radio jingles, in words, in gestures, and in images.


No matter how they represent the purest and most candid forms of expressions, I have no voice – not even a word – to add to what was already being shared. I could have been pretentious and fabricate something just to join in the chorus of lost loves, previous loves and current loves. I could have delved deep into the recesses of my mind and the darkest crevices of my heart to pull out the faintest of memories that could induce words (that were) never spoken to the many crushes in my life.


At the end of the day, I am nothing but an envious onlooker holding onto regrets that span more than two decades of one’s life.

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