The extended tweet

You made me smile and chased away the black clouds in my life. Not many people can draw me out from my wall, but you did. Yet, there’s this feeling I can’t shake it away — you aren’t and won’t be mine. When you said it, I’ve never hated the word “friends” more.

I think I love you. I think I want to experience the things you’ve shared about your life with you. Your adventures. Your observations. I think there’s just so much more we can talk about. To think that I was worried about those little moments of awkward silence…

Should I start at all? Or should I continue waiting? Should I take a step forward and try to brush away the hints I might have misread? Should I consider myself worthy… of you?

I feel like I am someone different when I’m with you. I talk louder. I always get excited because there’s so much in our conversation that I could share.

I like losing myself, but I don’t want to lose you.

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