Never meant, never be

Within less than 24 hours, he received news of a breakup (which bucked the melodramatic trend) and had his brain picked for a “what I can do for my two-week old fledging romance on Valentines Day” poser by a male colleague*.

A wry smile flashed on his face as he typed this down, reflecting on how life just doesn’t get any more extreme or funnier.

Then he realised that as he grows older and for all the angst he has experienced, loneliness becomes more bearable. Gradually, Valentines Day is no different from the rest of the 365 in a year.

It’s still uncertain if he believes he can live with himself and being with himself, having no one else to share his emotions (which include the joys and sadness of life) or thoughts with. However, he knows the ideals of youth will fade through time and the perspectives on love, life, dreams and hopes change with every dusk and every setting sun.

“A mate is nice to have, but if she doesn’t come, then perhaps some things are never meant to be.”

* He is the last person the male colleague should ask actually.

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