He stared at the screen. His eyes traced the outline of her face in the photo. He gazed at her smile and observed the slightest hint of a dimple on the side of her cheek. That photo was meant to portray the bliss in a relationship between lovers, yet he knew that smile of hers was a just front to hide the many thoughts she held in her heart.

He closed his eyes for a few moments. His mind reminded him of her words, which resonated despite the fact that they were spoken weeks ago. They cut. They hurt. Collectively, they formed a threat.

It was not for the first time he wondered if she really meant it that way.

Perhaps it was a gentle prod, he reasoned.

Perhaps it was all in jest.

Perhaps it was borne out of something.

He couldn’t find any other plausible explanation behind her threat other than the fact that she meant it.

There was once he harboured thoughts and feelings for her. The hopes were long gone now, buried in the sands of time; the feelings, drowned in the sea of impossibilities.

At the end of it, it was all bittersweet. He was glad for the realisation that it was never meant to be because they could never be the lovey-dovey couple he envisaged a long time ago.

Opening his eyes, he looked at the photo of them, of her, again. Despite the pain of having something wrestled out of his heart, he was thankful for having let this one go.

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