Two Fridays ago

Chicken chop with fried rice. (Something that health enthusiasts would frown upon.)
Breast meat. They didn’t remove the skin.

Both of them tucked in. Being someone who isn’t that fussy with his food (as long as he knows that it is not stale), nothing was left on his plate within minutes.

In between their conversations, he observed that a group of peas was left untouched on the side of her plate.

The slab of chicken skin will join them soon, he thought, while making the rather wild assumption that women and skin were mortal enemies of each other.

Then, as she shifted the plate to the side, he was surprised to see the group of twelve peas sitting forlornly all by themselves. The skin didn’t join them.

Presumably, he thought, it must have been ingested.

He didn’t articulate his observation for the fear of making her feel awkward. However, it is not everyday that he would feel less guilty when having lunch with a woman.

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