From the AOT archives: The Green Hope

The Green Hope

13 April 2002

I have never watched a drama serial as awe-inspiring, thought-provoking and encouraging as this one. After watching all 25 episodes of it*, I cannot help but find myself intrigued over the story, how the plot unfolded, etc. This was one serial that made me ponder over the many important things in life, like family, relationships, and most of all, the meaning of life.

It covered down-to-earth topics like sacrifice for the sake of love (not the boy-girl love thingy, but love in the family), how people suffering from mental condition are viewed by society, and how life should be lived. I felt as if the scriptwriter was trying to tell the audience that all of our lives hinged on one thing: hope.

I guess at the end of the day, all of us subconsciously live on for hope. Hope for better days. Hope for a day when you find our significant other. Hope for a close family member to recover from a life-threatening illness. Hope for a miracle or miracles of life. Hope for the next meal. Hope for the closing of a deal. Hope to get married one day. Hope to pay off your housing loan. Hope that the child will turn out alright. Hope for a grandson. Hope for peace. Hope to save up enough money for that longed-for tour. Hope that she still likes me…

Without hope, it is impossible to continue living. Without hope, life loses its meaning.

It is hope that drives the whole of mankind.

(* – The show ended its run on cable yesterday. Teared at the ending of it, due to an unexplained surge of emotions and irrational thoughts. All accompanied by an excellent instrumental which was the theme for the serial. You can read a review of the serial *in English* here.)

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