Days of being juvenile – “Cue canned laughter” (diz 1 no nit pswd)

I have been visiting a female-dominated internet forum quite a bit recently (a bit like why some guys read trashy magazines borrowed from their female friends) and stumbled on a rather cutesy thread entitled “How do girls drop hints?”

Like “woah” right?

Here are some excerpts from the thread:

“I’d try to catch his glance. If he maintains looking my way, I’ll smile. If he reciprocates on that, then I’ll hold the glance longer. I think the effect will be enhanced if the surrounding is crowded.”


“For me, I will be very, very nice to that guy e.g. ask what’s troubling him, try to make him happy and wait for him after school to go home together.”


“I will ask him out once and talk to him on the phone.

Even when by the time he called was my sleeping time. And I would not care whether the next day I had to wake up early for work, when the conversation ended beyond midnight.

I bought him present during his birthday and when I came back from overseas trip.

When he told me he was moody, I would ask why straight away.”


“For me, I’ll try to walk in front of him more, like get myself within his view. haha. Then be nice to him, like initiate conversation, help him in doing things, even simple things like washing his cup. And always smile to him… subtle ways of dropping hints to him.”


“For me I’ll buy food for him or even ask what he likes to eat and cook it personally for him.

I think the best way to impress a guy I like is through his stomach…and it’s a really sweet feeling when a guy receives such treatment from gals…

For my case, my SO and I started out due to a packet of fried kuey teow…keke

Because he went night cycling and the next morning went home to sleep without having his breakfast and lunch…so I took my initiative to deliver food to his house for him and my action touches his heart.”


This inevitably led to the following conversation I had in my head:

Did you read that?

Hell yes.

An interesting read. No?

It was.

I was just thinking, when was the last time something like that happened to you?

I guess it was somewhere around the time when Mother Nature was in her diapers…

(Cue canned laughter)

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