WA humbug!

So now WhatsThatApp (“WA”) has effectively replaced those archaic mIRC, ICQ, MSN and FB chatrooms. It gives me that sneaky feeling that this app is making it easier for men to get numbers from women. The flip side to this is how awkward making calls and talking to her on the phone can be. For one, the anything-longer-than-10-seconds-is-awkward-silence never happens. One doesn’t get the chance to take back his words, but it can be easily glossed over (a good number of hours later) by a “Hello! How’re things?”

Or taking the example from a woman I recently WAed, “I didn’t see your message. I received too many.” Very convenient.

One interesting WA feature is how you can create a group and dump like-minded people in it. One of my secondary school classmates started one (which seemed handy when he was trying to organise a reunion) but the group grew too big. No one knew who else was in it.

I was thrown into one a few days ago. It had the name “cousins”. The thing is the group chat was a good idea since we, the cousins, never interacted or corresponded with one another since we were wee lads and lasses. Yet, yet, yet, after the mandatory greetings, the reason why this group started was fleshed out as far as the eye can see (or read).

It turns out that the two cousins (and the ex-sarong kebaya girl) are now proud (and new-ish) parents. Akin to FB, the conversations became focused on their little ones. I’ll wager ten bucks that no one else in the group noticed how I hadn’t said a word.

I don’t hate kids now (contrary to a belief I’ve held for a long time) but I really don’t have any constructive stuff to say. To pontificate about the love between a man and a baby boy would be weird, innit?

The love between man and boy

If someone were to tell me two years ago that I would be singing nursery rhymes (in the near future), it would have been a ludicrous idea to me. I was no closer to having a spouse (let alone a spawn) and Cantopop would have been more suited to my taste of songs I prefer singing.

His birth changed all of that. I am working my way to becoming someone’s favourite uncle. His smile, on recognising my face, could sometimes be the best thing in the world (at least during those fleeting moments). Or whenever he crawled towards me and wrapped his arms around my legs, hoping that I would carry him.

I remember when a woman (whom I dated) considered “playing with my niece” as one of her “hobbies”. I still wouldn’t think of that as a hobby, but in the spirit of it all, I can understand where she was coming from.

He still couldn’t speak, but that didn’t stop the hours we bonded as uncle and nephew over YouTube videos. This was when I realised that the unconditional love between a man and a baby boy exists.