Him called Her(2). Her(2) didn’t pick up.

Her(2): Out today. (14 January, 10.19pm)

Him: Figured. (15 January, 8.43pm)

Her(2): Miffed? (16 January, 9.08am)

As it fades

Him: … Throw me some dates when you are available and IF you still want to meet. :) (14 January, 3.44pm)

Her: M1 service down the whole day. :/ Sure we can catch up sometimes… As friends do… :) next Friday seems fine… (15 January, 10.51pm)

Him: Happy birthday. (19 January, 2.26am)

Her: Thanks. :) You remembered! (19 January, 7.42am)

Her: You are a man of few words sometimes despite being linguistically gifted… (19 January, 2.14pm)

– Radio silence -