March and her showers

“It’s not fair!” she exclaimed. “I’ve been loading you with my vents but you never vent to me.”

A smile, a wry one, appeared on his face. In his mind, the reminder about what happened the last time he attempted to vent flashed repeatedly. To placate her, he came up with something that vaguely resembled a vent. Yet, there was so much inside of him that he didn’t know where and how to start.

But it’s here where he perhaps might have found acceptance, at last.


He was worried that she may make the same complaint one day. The delicate balance may tilt another way and with a sudden revelation, she would care enough about how she had been talking so much about herself and her pain that, in comparison, she knew very little about his.

But for now, this thought hasn’t trickled into her head. He appears to be the stronger one in this relationship, or this connection between two strangers in love. His need to “insulate” her, perhaps from his own pain and himself, has overridden the urge to vent and share the less glamourous aspects of his life with her.

At least, their love languages were similar; it would make it easier for the both of them in this. Somehow they found a connection. They fell in love within hours of their chat. She dropped hints. He picked them up and embraced them lovingly. He affirmed her. She responded positively (much to his surprise).

All of this may be atypical, but it is blossoming; and only because they could connect and enjoyed each other’s words and company . He was also mindful of not triggering the fear in her. He has to skirt around it. He has to find the way, gradually, to her heart and dispel the demons.

For the first time in his life, he found himself residing in another woman’s heart. Of the hundreds of women he met in his life, she was the first to declare how much she missed him.

He thought to himself, it’s good to love and be loved.

Negative thoughts were never far away from his mind, but knowing how fleeting almost everything in life can be, he knew he has to relish the present. And only.