Update: Book project & AOT (the site)

Dear reader,

(a) With regards to the book project, I have decided against publishing it sooner. Primarily, the current economic situation seems unlikely to abate for the foreseeable future. This will mean that most people will be spending on necessities rather than wants and luxury items, such as a book of short stories (written by a faceless, no-name). While I am fully prepared to lose a hefty sum in seeing the book project to its completion, I want, at the very least, to cut down on my losses. Cash is the next best thing now.

Therefore, work will still continue on other aspects of the book project but the Valentine’s Day publication deadline has been scrapped.

(b) Things have changed irreversibly since AOT made its first foray into the Internet. After many false stops and restarts, I’ve decided to call time on the site, in terms of new posts / material / thoughts / musings / stories.

The most important thing I’ve gotten out of my time on AOT has been that of friendships (and getting to know some of the most wonderful individuals whom I would not have the chance to get acquainted in real life if not for AOT). I’ve met some, who have since graduated to become friends (in real life). Tragically, I’ve also lost some due to life’s many circumstances.

For sentimental reasons, I’ll keep AOT alive for as long as possible. Instead of new material, I’ll be uploading stuff that I have previously written and published on this site up to 2007. (Of course, for obvious reasons, short stories which I have written will not be part of these “restored” entries.)

For practical reasons, updates on the book project will be posted here.

With the New Year upon us, the thoughts / musings / general observations of life / stories / material that I have in 2009 and beyond will now be published somewhere else.

So, thank you for your support and for reading AOT all this while, from the bottom of my heart.