Site Notice: It’s now a book, not a zine

Update: As advised by a publisher, I have decided to postpone the publication of the book to January 2009.  I have received some help in terms of the cover design. However, I still require the services of an editor to help proofread the manuscript. Therefore, I will appreciate any help.




Dear reader,


I am currently working on a personal project. In fact, it’s a rather big one. Some time ago, I was toying with the idea of self-publishing a zine which will contain a collection of short stories that I have written circa 2001 – 2004. Many things have changed since then. In a nutshell, this zine is no longer a simple personal project. It is now a book.


Currently, I am talking to a publisher, a distributor and a couple of printers. While I am trying to negotiate the rates with them etc, I am looking for people (or contacts) to help me (a) proofread the manuscript (which is ready and I have edited it twice)  and (b) design the cover for the book.


So if you know of anyone (or even yourself) who can help me with (a) and /or (b), I will be grateful if you can drop me an email at amongstotherthingsNOSPAMREMOVECAPSATgmailDOTcom. I will be happy to discuss with you on how you can help me and how I can pay you for your effort.


Also, any contacts that you may have relating to (a) and (b) will be extremely helpful.




I am hoping to have the book out a week before Christmas in Jan 2009*. Therefore, any advice or help is deeply appreciated.





Plastic toy sword

The flush of red on her face was unmistakable. It came minutes after the group pressed her for a reason why we couldn’t meet this evening.


Accompanying that flush was a smile and her head tilted slightly downwards, as she attempted to avoid everyone else’s gaze.


Somehow, somewhere I have seen this look before. It’s sweet. It’s nice. And if one chooses to attempt to delve into the deep recesses of the mind of someone with this precious look, you get a taste of what it is like to be in a world of anticipation coupled with excitement. If not, we can only speculate who her date may be – cue images of knight in shining armour on a white horse holding onto a gleaming lance.


Like many others in the room, I smiled in recognition (and possibly appreciation) of that look and that flush of red on her face.


Then suddenly, other thoughts fluttered in momentarily and they reminded me of some voices that stayed a long time ago.


Cue image of an obese man in a many-sizes-too-small armour riding on a hee-haw donkey and carrying a plastic toy sword. 

Initial thoughts on the victory

- I have a natural distrust of people who are smooth talkers, simply because it seems as though they have something to hide. The smooth talking attempts to compensate for that need to hide something.


- Case in point, the thirty-minute advertisement might have given him an enormous boost in his campaign. There were promises, yes. However, how many of these promises would come to pass by the time his term ends?


- He is something that the Land of the Free needs at the moment, after eight years of misrule by the incumbent.


- His victory can be seen as the end of the struggle of the civil rights movement of the African-Americans and would inspire other civil rights movement.


- How would the rednecks react to his victory? Would the country still remain divided along racial lines? If so, how much?


- Expectations that come with his resounding victory would be high. Would he be able to deliver them?


- If he were to pursue his protectionist stance in terms of trade and businesses, how would this affect the trade policies of other countries – specifically the resurging Russians and the awakened Chinese?


- Adding on to that thought, how would a protectionist America bring and not bring to the world?


- Can he take on the Russians on the political platform at a time when the mammoth country is flexing its muscles on the international front? How would he deal with Putin? How can he outwit a cunning Putin? This, at a time when Europe’s terribly fragmented.


- How would he engage the Chinese government? How would he deal with a resurgent China on the international political front?


- What exactly is and will be his foreign policy? How will he attempt to maintain the delicate balance of power in the Middle East, particularly in Iraq and Afghanistan?


- How much of the victory is down to the “knee-jerk” reaction from a jaded electorate who wants change for the sake of it?