Flashback: Lasagne

Written on 24 March 2002:

“Both F and I broke up.”

I stopped and I looked at her.

“I’m sorry to hear…”

“Yeah.  It didn’t work out.  Both of us are separated by that huge expanse of salt water.  We are leading different lives and it is inevitable that things turned out this way.”

“Well, I’m surprised.  I mean, everything seemed like … working out for you both.  He’s such a nice guy and both of you looked compatible as a couple.  I mean…”

Very gently, she put her glass of soda down, and looked downwards, as if avoiding my gaze.

“Well, he’s got his life there.  A legal consultant for a bank, and he is moving to the east as well.  Makes it more difficult with the time difference and all…”

“… and you wanted so much to join him there.  Both of you have plans for you to move there and be a PR.”

“Well, it happened.  Sigh.  D W, I’m stuck here.”

I smiled and shoved a spoonful of lasagne into my mouth.

“I’m stuck here too.”  I said, with my mouth working extremely hard at trying not to spew out the contents while negotiating its way through chunks of beef mince and cheese.

Suddenly, she looked up.

“How long have we known each other?”

“Mmm… Wow… three years?  Heh heh.. time flies eh?”

“Yeah.  If you didn’t eavesdrop on the conversation between S and myself, we wouldn’t have become friends.”

She smiled.  Then some activity started in my head, churning out this observation:  She seemed pretty alright for someone who had just broken up.

Nevermind, I thought to myself.  She is a strong woman.  She can take it and she took it on very well.

I smiled back and immediately plunged my spoon into the lasagne bowl.

There was a few minutes of silence.  Then…

“D W.  Can I ask you a question?”

“Yeah.  Sure.” I replied, in between chews.

“Were you ever interested in me while we knew each other for two years?”

*stumped*  Mind started working after 1.256 seconds of delay.

“Er… no.  Haha.. *nervous laugh* Never thought of you that way.  Moreover, throughout the two years you were in between relationships and I was with E.”

I smiled.

“Besides”, I continued, “you, me and S, we are very good friends.  In fact, you guys are my only friends outside church while I was there!”

She smiled and continued eating her steak.  The dinner conversation topic then moved on to something else…

…And that was the last time I met up with T for dinner or for a cuppa.


After note: Not more than a year after this was writen, I’ve lost contact with T.

Fairy tales, North Bridge Road

Fairy tales

One every other day

Success stories

Love of a lifetime


By the sea

At sunset




Nibbling at ears



Alpine cabins

“My precious daughters”


Pillow cases

Clasping of hands

A smile

And “I love yous” forever

One every other day,

Fairy tales

Angulia Park, 18 October 2008

A smile, plastered on his face.


A heart, lifted by the company.


The comfort, received on a humid Saturday afternoon.


A friendship, that transcends the distance.


The gratitude, he has, for Divinity.


The thanks, he reserves, for a friend.


For whom without,


The world becomes a shade darker.