(by Tetanus)

Seven (not very) random facts:

i. There was a time when school debates were the rage and people would watch those students from the premier schools in Singapore slug it verbally out on the telly. No, I didn’t get to go on national television to get humiliated by those top students (probably the team from my school would not make it beyond the preliminary rounds), but I was the Best Speaker during an inter-class debate competition in Secondary Two. The topic was “Should women serve National Service?” and I was from the team who opposed the motion.

ii. Secondary Two was my most productive year (in a sense) because my name was announced a few times during the school Speech Day. Besides the aforementioned Best Speaker award, I also came in first in the Oratorical, Story-telling and Chinese-character writing (书法) competitions.

iii. A couple of stories that I wrote as part of the Secondary Two and Three exams were published in the school’s little compilation of students’ works. One made it to our non-descript school magazine, which was published only once in four years.

iv. My attempt at making a speech in Chinese for the Chinese oratorical competition in school was a failure because I peppered it with too many English words. For the record, the topic I chose was about Singapore’s participation in the Malaysia Cup, which, unbeknownst to me then, put half of the school population to sleep.

v. In Secondary One and in a boys-only class, I had a crush on my form teacher. In Secondary Two, I had a crush on the top girl from the girls-only class. In Secondary Three, I unknowingly nursed a crush on a girl whom my best friend was going after. Needless to say, we were no longer best buds soon after.

vi. We had only four stalls in the school tuckshop. During the four years of my time there, I only ate from three of them because of an embarrassing incident involving that one stall I wanted to buy stuff from on my first day at school.

(Sidenote: I recall an incident when one of my classmates found, to his horror, a clump of maggots wiggling away happily amongst the ikan bilis, cucumber, egg bits and sambal chili in a packet of nasi lemak he bought from one of the three stalls I usually patronised.)

vii. There was a little slope just outside the school which everyone had to climb in order to get to the bus stop. From Secondary One to Two, I was nicknamed “Little Engine” because of the humongous bag I carried (my mother was a practical woman and believed that bigger bags were value for money because they could hold more books) as I raced up the slope in a bid to catch the 6.13pm bus.

Site return

Dear reader,

I’ve switched blogging tool from MT 4.0 to WordPress. Good as MT 4.0 was, it did not have enough security features to customise the site.

Many things have happened in the past fortnight. I had actually intended to move away from AOT and start up something somewhere. However, one of the problems I encountered was to find another spiffy Uniform Resource Locator (URL). To cut a long story short, I couldn’t find something that I liked.

Before I forget, I would like to say a big “hi” to people I know in real life who found out about this site. Thank you for visiting, but seriously, I’d rather we sit down at some coffee joint and talk about stuff over a cup of something. If I reject the invitation, that really means I want to be alone with my thoughts. Primarily, I have never posted things to gain popularity or be the next big thing on this wee island. I write for myself and this place is an expression of my thoughts. If anyone who comes along and enjoys reading the drivel I spew, I consider that a bonus. I must also declare that I don’t have a huge readership anyway.

In any case, most of the entries hereon will be password-locked to keep prying eyes out. Any request will be screened carefully.

For my older entries, I may consider porting them over if I can sort out the technicalities.

Meanwhile, I will be working on customising the site in the coming days and weeks. Please bear with me.

Lastly and as always, thanks for visiting.